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Attain advanced proficiency in Google Ads through our intensive training in Malaysia. Renowned as the leading Advanced Google Ads Masterclass in the country, our program provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to maximize the potential of Google Ads (AdWords) at an advanced level for you and your business. Enroll now to unlock the advanced capabilities of Google Ads and elevate your online advertising success in Malaysia.

In our Advanced Google Ads Masterclass, you will gain a profound understanding of Google Ads functionality, delve into PPC intricacies, and recognize the crucial significance of precisely setting a Google Ads budget. Throughout the course, you’ll be guided through the creation of compelling ads and implementing advanced adjustments to amplify success and ROI. By the end, you’ll leave with a wealth of best practices, advanced concepts, and proven strategies based on a decade of research and testing. This knowledge will empower you to execute an effective Google Ads campaign, efficiently reaching target audiences and elevating engagement with your business.

Instructor-led, hands-on training

RM2,300 Group 2-person at extra discount 20%

Beginner to Advanced Level

2-Day (09:30 – 17:30)

Course Handouts / Hands-on Material.

A certificate of attendance.

This is 100% HRD Corp Claimable Training

HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Training Course Provider
Advanced Google Ads Training Malaysia

Advanced Google Ads Training Course Overview

Join our 2-day Advanced Google Ads Masterclass to accelerate your career in Google Ads. This comprehensive training program is designed to equip you with essential skills, transforming you into a confident paid media marketer. Explore practical setups for diverse Google Ads campaigns, master conversion tracking, employ strategic remarketing, and learn advanced analytics reporting with Google Analytics. Propel your professional journey forward and achieve success in the dynamic field of Google Ads.

  • Learn how to explore hands-on setups for various Google Ads campaign types.
  • Learn how to utilize conversion tracking to assess the value of your ad campaigns.
  • Learn how to implement strategic remarketing, enhancing website and YouTube visitor engagement, and boosting traffic and sales.
  • Learn how to craft comprehensive campaign reports using Google Analytics for insightful analysis and strategy refinement.
  • Learn advanced strategies, discovering how to set up and optimize Shopping Ads, elevating your e-commerce advertising game.

What You Learn in Advanced Google Ads Training

In this advanced course, you will gain insights into the intricacies of Google Ads (formerly AdWords), comprehend the dynamics of PPC (Pay-Per-Click), understand the critical significance of precisely setting an Google Ads budget, master the art of designing compelling ads, and acquire the skills to make advanced adjustments for increased success and ROI.

Advanced Google Ads Training Course Outline / Topics

Day 1: Foundations of Advanced Google Ads

  1. Introduction to Advanced Google Ads

    • Overview of Google Ads evolution
    • Key differences between basic and advanced strategies
  2. Advanced Google Ads Setup and Campaign Types

    • In-depth exploration of various campaign types
    • Hands-on workshop: Setting up advanced Google Ads campaigns
  3. Conversion Tracking Mastery

    • Understanding the importance of conversion tracking
    • Practical exercises: Implementing advanced conversion tracking strategies
  4. Strategic Remarketing Tactics

    • Leveraging remarketing for enhanced engagement
    • Workshop: Crafting and implementing strategic remarketing campaigns

Day 2: Analytics, Optimization Techniques, and Landing Page Optimization

  1. Advanced Analytics Reporting with Google Analytics

    • In-depth analysis using Google Analytics for campaign refinement
    • Practical session: Creating comprehensive reports for insightful analysis
  2. Crafting Compelling Ads: Advanced Techniques

    • Exploring advanced ad design principles
    • Workshop: Designing and optimizing compelling ads for various campaign objectives
  3. Optimizing Shopping Ads for E-Commerce Success

    • Mastering the intricacies of setting up and optimizing Shopping Ads
    • Hands-on workshop: Implementing advanced strategies for effective e-commerce advertising
  4. Landing Page Optimization for Higher Conversions

    • Importance of optimized landing pages in campaign success
    • Workshop: Hands-on optimization exercises for landing pages
  5. Campaign Conversion Tracking Techniques

    • Strategies for effective campaign-level conversion tracking
    • Practical implementation: Setting up advanced conversion tracking for campaigns

Q&A and Advanced Strategy Discussion

  • Addressing participant queries and discussing advanced Google Ads strategies
  • Group discussion: Sharing insights and experiences

Hands-On Workshop: Building an Advanced Google Ads Campaign

Participants will engage in a comprehensive hands-on workshop, applying the knowledge gained throughout the training to build and optimize an advanced Google Ads campaign. The workshop will cover campaign setup, conversion tracking, strategic remarketing, ad design, analytics reporting, landing page optimization, and campaign-level conversion tracking.

Who Should Attend Advanced Google Ads Training Course

  • Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders
  • Small Business/SME Owners
  • Marketing and Brand Managers
  • Marketers Aiming to Elevate Their Brand
  • In-house Marketing Teams Focused on Google Ads Operations

Advanced Google Ads Training Course Requirements

  • No prior knowledge necessary. Basic familiarity or experience with Google Ads is advantageous but not required.

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