Magento Commerce Key Features

  • Magento’s commercial open source business model yields a product that is superior for a fraction of the cost.
  • Capability to run multiple stores controlled from one admin panel.
  • Compatible with Google Analytics, Customers can re-order their previous orders from their account.
  • Display your best selling products and show them off with zoomed images
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What does a Magento website cost?

Magento comes in 2 version Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source. Essentially Magento Open Source is a Free software that is available to download to anyone. However it is not an “off the shelf” solution, it does require in depth knowledge of coding and programming. Free templates are available to download which might suit smaller businesses that simply want to get started online but these can be frustrating and restrictive to use.

While Magento Commerce on the other hand, is a premium version of Magento Opensource that includes cloud-hosting as part of the subscription fee. Magento Commerce prices starting from $22,000 per year if you’re using Magento 2. However, this fee rises If your company’s GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) is more than $1 million. Magento Commerce gives you more functionality, including advanced marketing features, customer reward programs and targeted promotions. Plus, you get 24/7 support from Magento’s technical team.

Whats the difference between JustSimple Ecommerce, Magento and Woocommerce Ecommerce

There’s no simple answer to this question and as JustSimple Ecommerce is our proprietary software. All customization and support is provided by in-house experts that know everything from how to code the software to customisation. We have developed the best option for local currency, shipping and support local payment gateway services. Since we do fully customier JustSimple Ecommerce, it’s perfectly fits large businesses and B2B better as it has a special created set of functionality for business-to-business online stores, and extended to Multi-vendor Ecommerce Marketplace. Find out more if you interested on ecommerce marketplace solution.

Magento is the superb platform compare to Woocommerce for e-commerce development because of multi-functionality for developing your e-commerce store with up-gradation & migration. Magento comes with wel designed platform that support International features, like support for multiple currencies, multi-lingual, shipping and payment options. However, if you Google “Magento” and you’ll struggle to find a respected opinion that doesn’t rate it as the best among the opensource ecommerce system. Magento Ecommerce is filled with eCommerce functionality, which by far the most powerful eCommerce platform for small business, it’s more costly program to manage and build on because of having such a large application.

In contrast, WooCommerce itself is a pretty lightweight eCommerce platform so it’s great for simpler eCommerce sites that also have a large content need. Typically lower cost of ownership, easy to get started with, and lower learning curve.

If you are an ambitious eCommerce site that has a large catalog, complex requirements, B2B eCommerce requirements, integration requirements, or any other major custom eCommerce feature, Magento Ecommerce is probably a better fit. For content-heavy sites, WooCommerce might be a better fit, especially if the content is the focus and eCommerce is secondary.

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