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Leading the charge in TikTok influencer marketing, our team of advertising experts is immersed in Malaysian Gen Z culture. We have the special capability to seamlessly integrate data, expertise, and creative innovation, transforming brands into a formidable marketing presence for the Malaysian Gen Z audience on TikTok.

As the pioneer of Malaysia’s first TikTok house and the premier TikTok beauty brand, our insights are powered by an award-winning social listening and data analytics tool. This proficiency allows us to precisely identify the best influencers, strategies, and tactics for every TikTok brand campaign in Malaysia.

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Unleashing TikTok Campaign Magic in Malaysia

Maximize your TikTok potential in Malaysia with a seasoned influencer agency dedicated to planning, managing, and amplifying your campaigns. Despite its 2016 launch, TikTok remains a novel platform for many businesses. However, for your target audience in Malaysia, it’s a daily hub for engaging with short, entertaining, and informative videos that could promote your brand. With our extensive experience from the outset of TikTok, Find Your Influencer brings invaluable insights to your social media campaigns through our established Influencer Marketing Platform,

We provide an assurance of guaranteed views for each TikTok Marketing activation in Malaysia, ensuring the success of your campaign.

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We’ve managed thousands of TikTok campaigns across the world, offering a centralized hub for running campaigns across multiple regions in Malaysia.

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In our TikTok endeavors, we transcend campaigns through creative planning, influencer management, and exclusive result measurement.

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A leading TikTok Marketing Agency in Malaysia

Exploring TikTok Marketing in Malaysia? Discover the ideal solution with our specialized services. From engaging local influencers to seamless campaign execution, we bring years of global success in influencer and social content campaigns. Whether you’re a forward-thinking start-up or a large company with a dynamic mindset, leverage our expertise to effectively engage your Malaysian audience through TikTok Marketing.

TikTok Marketing Packages & Pricing

Unlock unprecedented influence with our top-tier agency tailored for Malaysia! With a combined experience exceeding 1,000 influencers, we specialize in TikTok KOL/KOC Campaigns, Live Videos, and Shop Affiliates. Starting at just RM500, our services span basic TikTok Content Creation to impactful KOL/KOC Collaborations. Elevate your brand or influencer status with our localized solutions, seamlessly connecting you to the vibrant world of Malaysian TikTok. Unleash creativity, captivate your audience, and let us be your trusted partner in the realm of digital influence. Join us and redefine your Malaysian TikTok journey with unparalleled excellence.

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