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JustSimple is one of the first web firms in Malaysia to join the responsive web design revolution. Responsive design means your website automatically adjusts to fit the size of whatever window or device visitors are using. Responsive design is recommended by Google as best practice for mobile-optimised websites.

Best Malaysia Mobile SEO Friendly Web Design

Try it out now: resize this browser window and see how it changes! Or look at our site on your iPhone or iPad.

We design your website to work on all devices, from mobile phones and tablets to desktops and large screens.

Responsive design is available from JustSimple for any website project. This means that your site can be mobile-ready and tablet-ready without the need to build expensive, customised designs for each device.

We offer responsive web design to businesses and organisations in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and throughout Malaysia.

What does a Responsive website design look like?

Visit any of the following websites which designed to be responsive, and manually drag the browser window to a narrow width. You’ll be able to see the sites readjust to fit the new screen width.

Want to Get Your Responsive Website now?

Contact us today with any questions you may have about how to convert your site to Responsive Design and let us know your site’s domain name. Our web consultant will get contact you to make arrangements to review & discuss further for your website.

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