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“Digital Marketing Course for Business Owners” is a specialized program catering to entrepreneurs aiming to expand their businesses online effectively. This comprehensive training guides you through the proper setup of your business on various digital platforms, steering clear of common pitfalls along the way. Master the art of growing your business online the right way with this valuable course.

In this 2-day Digital Marketing Course the facilitator will introduce you to the proper procedure of developing a successful digital marketing strategy.

Instructor-led, hands-on training

RM2500 RM2,300
Save 20% with a group of 2 or more.

Beginner Level

2-Day (09:30 – 17:30)

Course Handouts / Hands-on Material.

A certificate of attendance.

This is 100% HRD Corp Claimable Training

HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Training Course Provider
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Digital Marketing Course for Business Owners

Utilise these easy to implement checks and techniques to give your website the best chance of increasing business. This course is for all business owners that want to make sure their website is working as best it can in terms of attracting new prospects and converting those prospects into customers. 
  • Improve your understanding of how to properly undertake digital marketing for a small business
  • Apply essential principles of digital marketing to their business
  • Develop confidence in how to manage the growth of your business, where to find customers online, and how to engage with them
  • Quickly get up to speed with powerful tools and techniques needed to help you run your business better using digital marketing.
  • Proven marketing strategies and tactics that will help you grow your business and stand out from the competition
  • A blueprint to systemizing the marketing of your business

What You Learn in Digital Marketing Course

  • Introduction and Principles of a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • You will learn how to use dozens of proven digital marketing strategies
  • You will improve your brand identity and grow your brand’s audience
  • You will grow your email list, website traffic, subscriber count, and social media following
  • You will learn social media marketing using all of the most popular social media platforms to grow your business
  • You will see tangible results by taking action throughout the entire course
  • You will increase conversions and sales with real world techniques
  • Identify realistic and measurable goals and stick to them

Digital Marketing Course Outline / Topics

The course is comprised of the following 12 basic modules along with 2 extra bonus modules:

  1. Introduction: setting the stage, what’s digital marketing?
  2. Taking your business online
  3. What’s a digital presence and how to achieve it
  4. How to do content marketing
  5. How to do social media marketing
  6. How to do email CRM
  7. How to do search marketing
  8. How To Structure Your Customer Acquisition Funnel
  9. How to develop a great customer experience
  10. What’s digital analytics
  11. E-commerce marketing
  12. Business Models in a digital world

Extra plus,

  • Digital Marketing Planning
    – Step-by-step guide to build a Digital Funnel from scratch
  • Digital Marketing Budget
    – With useful digital marketing tools in a spreadsheet format for you to fill in and play around with. This include Marketing Budget Templates & Monthly Marketing Metrics Template

Who Should Attend Digital Marketing Course

  • Startup Founders / Small Business / SME Owners
  • Marketing and brand managers
  • Marketers who want to take their brand to the next level
  • Marketers who want to build a Digital Sales Funnel.

Digital Marketing Course Requirements

  • Own your own small business (or plan to start your own business)
  • Website for your business (or planning to set up a website for your business)
  • Facebook, Google Accounts are an asset, but not necessary
  • Basic IT Skills
  • Following the step-by-step instructions of the training

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