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JustSimple training courses are designed to be useful and informative, with the aim of helping business owners and professionals in all areas of web design, social media and digital marketing. Our web design and digital marketing training courses have been carefully created to ensure the information is easy to digest and they also include a takeaway guide to help you when you are back in the office.

Most Popular Digital Marketing Training Courses

Regularly scheduled courses for individuals and private classes for groups at our Petaling Jaya, Malaysia training centre. We’ve been delivering training classes since 1999. We can custom your training program to that meets your budget, program schedules, and business goals. From 1-day special topics, to our popular 2-day Fast Track series and 3-day Masterclasses, build your expertise and skills be the top of your competitor.

A Hands on Approach

We pride ourselves on simple yet effective training programmes that are delivered with a sense of transparency and confidence. Our internet marketing training and digital publishing coaching is designed for firms to take away and apply immediately. The training courses are practitioner-led, with hands on exercise, practical and tackle the current business problems our clients face today.

Building the Digital Capability

Our training courses are designed to be useful and informative, with the aim of helping business owners and professionals in all areas of digital marketing. Our training clients, often to the point that they no longer need an agency to do all the basic digital marketing tasks that can easily fit in with their day today.  We transfer our technical knowledge to your brand and industry knowledge so that you can take forward your digital marketing strategy with confidence.

The world of digital marketing moves at an unprecedented pace. We can help you stay one step ahead, we deliver digital marketing training, as content can keep pace with the latest industry developments.

We also provide custom web and digital marketing training & workshops to suit your individual business needs & challenges. Customised training to address your company’s skills needs. The training topics and content are customised for your brand, business and sector, and always include relevant tools and inspiring case studies.

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Our Training Customers

We are trusted by some of the biggest companies in Malaysia and Singapore for their web design and digital marketing training.

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