Immerse yourself in Advanced Google Ads Training led by seasoned experts with over 10 years of experience in Malaysia. Learn the essentials for running highly successful campaigns and launching your first PPC ad. Acquire the skills to create impactful, targeted ads that drive traffic, generate leads, and elevate your online business in the Malaysian market.

Duration: 2 Days


  • Day 1
  • Introduction to Advanced Google Ads
  • Advanced Google Ads Setup and Campaign Types
  • Conversion Tracking Mastery
  • Strategic Remarketing Tactics

Day 2

  • Advanced Analytics Reporting with Google Analytics
  • Crafting Compelling Ads: Advanced Techniques
  • Optimizing Shopping Ads for E-Commerce Success
  • Landing Page Optimization for Higher Conversions
  • Campaign Conversion Tracking Techniques

Workshop / Hand-on

  • The AdWords Account Creation
  • Conversion tracking

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June 19 @ 09:30
09:30 — 23:30 (14h)

JustSimple PJ Office

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