This online course is specially designed for business owners who want to grow their businesses online in the right way.  In this course, you will generate leads for your digital marketing which offers consistently and reliably.

By taking this course today, you will have a clear understanding of how to effectively generate leads using digital marketing and landing page design.

Instructor-led, hands-on training

RM2,300 Group 2-person at extra discount 20%

Beginner Level

2-Day (09:30 – 17:30)

Course Handouts / Hands-on Material.

A certificate of attendance.

This is 100% HRD Corp Claimable Training

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malaysia digital marketing lead generation course 2021

Course Overview


This 2-day workshop can be designed to underpin any outbound sales or marketing campaign. It creates a foundation for a successful lead generation project or ongoing sales and marketing push. You’ll see how easy it is to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns that increase revenue and maximise efficiency.

Start now to learn these lead generation strategies so that you have new sales leads coming in passively. Do not wait before opportunities lost and your customers go to your competitors.

  • Discover the tricks to creating a landing page that converts
  • Design a call to action that leads to high conversion during your marketing campaign
  • Discover the basics of Google Ads advertising
  • Discover the basics of Facebook Ads advertising
  • Learn how to properly identify with your customers and avoid wasting money
  • Proven marketing strategies and tactics that will help you grow your business and stand out from the competition
  • Understand the elements of a high converting lead generation landing page.
  • Methods to increase conversions and profits throughout their sales funnel.

What You Learn

  • Discover the basics of landing pages
  • Design landing pages for less than 2 hours
  • You will learn how to design your own beautiful landing pages without a single code
  • Understand the different formats of Facebook & Google Ads
  • How to A/B test your landing pages to increase your conversion rates

Course Outline / Topics

Day 1: Lead Generation Fundamentals

Session 1: Introduction to Lead Generation Planning

  • Understanding the Purpose of a Lead Generation Plan
  • Components of a Successful Lead Generation Plan
  • Setting SMART Goals for Lead Generation

Session 2: Landing Page Design Essentials

  • Importance of Landing Pages in Lead Generation
  • Design Principles for High-Converting Landing Pages
  • A/B Testing and Iterative Improvement

Session 3: Setting Up Ad Campaigns on Adwords

  • Introduction to Google Ads (Adwords) for Lead Generation
  • Campaign Structure and Settings
  • Ad Copy Best Practices and Ad Extensions

Session 4: Crafting Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

  • Overview of Facebook Ads for Businesses
  • Ad Formats and Objectives
  • Designing Compelling Ad Creatives

Session 5: Keyword Research and Target Audience

  • Understanding the Basics of Keyword Research
  • Defining and Refining Target Audience
  • Aligning Keywords with Audience Intent

Day 2: Advanced Lead Generation Strategies

Session 6: Direct Response Marketing

  • Exploring the Concept of Direct Response
  • Crafting Compelling Offers for Immediate Action
  • Measuring Direct Response Campaign Success

Session 7: Click-Through, Conversion, and Engagement

  • Defining and Differentiating Click-Through, Conversion, and Engagement
  • Metrics for Evaluating User Interaction
  • Strategies for Improving Click-Through Rates and Conversions

Session 8: Targeting and Optimization Techniques

  • Precision Targeting on Ad Platforms
  • Continuous Optimization for Better Performance
  • Utilizing Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

Session 9: Funnel Conversion Strategies

  • Understanding the Marketing Funnel
  • Mapping Content to Different Stages of the Funnel
  • Implementing Strategies for Funnel Conversion

Session 10: Facebook Management and Lead Nurturing

  • Effective Facebook Page Management
  • Building Relationships through Social Media
  • Strategies for Nurturing Leads on Facebook

Session 11: Case Studies and Best Practices

  • Real-world Examples of Successful Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Analyzing Techniques Used in High-Performing Campaigns
  • Learning from Mistakes and Success Stories

Session 12: Actionable Insights and Next Steps

  • Creating a Step-by-Step Action Plan
  • Identifying Key Takeaways
  • Resources for Continuous Learning and Improvement

Additional Elements:

  • Hands-On Workshops for Ad Campaign Setup
  • Hands-On Landing Page Design
  • Interactive Discussions on Participant’s Current Challenges
  • Q&A Sessions and Group Exercises

Who Should Attend

  • This course is strictly for beginners with no experience of using landing pages for lead generation
  • Startup Founders / Small Business / SME Owners / Marketing and brand managers
  • Marketers who want to take their brand to the next level


  • Own your own small business (or plan to start your own business)
  • For entrepreneurs and marketers who want to sell products or services online. 

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