7 SEO Technics To Rank Higher in Google 2024

7 SEO Technics To Rank Higher in Google

Here are 9 Tips from Malaysia Top SEO Pros on how to rank higher on Google on 2020

SEO requirements keep changing, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest developments. But if you want your site to get traffic, you have to be in the know. We have compiled latest and effective, an easy 9 points checklist of the major SEO tasks you need to complete this year to get your website ranked.

  1. Make sure your pages are friendly crawlable
    You want Google robots to come to our page. Speed Up Your Site. Publish Unique Content Regularly. Include a Site Map. Enlist Google Webmaster Tools, and lastly, don’t duplicate content either in your own site, or make sure you are not duplicate from other site. Essentially everything you have on your page needs to be in a format that they can easily put into their web index.
  2. Find keywords your customers are searching
    Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool, available through your Google Ads account, to find the most popular keywords people use when searching for your type of business. Optimize your website for those keywords by adding them in blog posts and to web pages.
  3. Design your website for mobile search
    Nearly 75% of internet users searches performed on mobile devices, which is why Google ranks mobile-optimized sites higher than those not designed for mobile. In order to optimize your site for mobile, ensure your site was optimised and load fast on mobile.
  4. Get your on-page SEO right
    On-Page SEO is a set of rules to make your website SEO friendly, and make your website easier for Google to ‘read’ and the more information it can ‘understand’ from a website, the greater are the chances of achieving a good ranking.
  5. Perform a technical SEO Audit
    Technical SEO is very important in the whole SEO process. It is highly recommended that you perform a technical SEO audit every six months to ensure that Google can access and index your website without problems.
  6. Improve your page loading time
    Speed is a known ranking factor and very important for usability as well. Your website code should be as lightweight as possibleYou need to have a fast website not only because Google will like it more but because it has a positive effect on your bounce rate.
  7. Internal and external back links
    Google has just gotten better at recognizing high quality links. Both internal and external links continue to have a huge influence on how your website ranks.
  8. Social Signals
    Social signals also come in the form of links. Google crawlers use Facebook and Twitter links like they are regular backlinks for signaling purposes. You should also share links on your social media pages, one of the best ways to do this is by including social sharing icons on all your content.
  9. Publish insanely high quality content
    Google is in the business of answering people’s questions, and they want to do it as intuitively as possible, integrating with the way people now use technology. Quality content on your website is to help serve the searcher’s goal and serve their search query. If you want your site rank higher, make sure your content answers the searcher’s query better than anyone else on page one.

Understanding these 9 valuable factors could make or break your digital marketing strategy .If you can do all of this, then you’re going to rank very well in 2020.