How do I run a successful Facebook and Instagram Ad campaign in 2024?

run a successful Facebook and Instagram Ad campaign

If you are curious about Facebook or Instagram Ads or you want to learn how to make a Facebook Ad and get more customers for your business, this will be the best answer for you

Guide to Running Facebook Ads That Convert. What made Facebook Ads that convert?

Improving your click-through rate requires improving ad copy that lasers in on your target audience.

Driving customers to your landing page is the best way to make sales. A great way to start is with a conversion-based Facebook ad campaign.

With Facebook’s advertising platform, you’ve got access to an audience that shows actual interest in your offer. You can bring them to your site by crafting irresistible ads. Your Facebook ad campaign will only be effective if your landing page is optimised for the user.

No effective landing page, you’ll most likely struggle to generate leads with your Facebook ads and not generate website conversion.

How to Advertise on Facebook and Instagram Effectively?

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can be complex. If you have successfully launched a new Facebook campaign only to find that your Facebook ads are not delivering. If you find it confusing, you’re not alone!  

How to Fix your Facebook Ads when they are not delivering?

JustSimple Facebook and Instagram advertising training courses will turn you into an expert.  You will learn which type of ads will bring results for your particular business, how to plan, structure and set up campaigns and how to test and measure their success.

Our course will help you,

  • Understand how to create quality content to achieve maximum outreach and engagement for Facebook Ads
  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to deploy targeting and retargeting strategies
  • Learn how to lower Facebook Ad costs and keep Facebook Ad CTR high with advanced targeting features
  • Understand Facebook Ad Analytics & Facebook Sales Funnel
  • Learn how to track audience journey from Facebook ad impression to conversion

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